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Announcing the 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster - Brand New  Hess Truck for 2016!

We are offering Discounted Prices on ALL of Our Older Hess Trucks Currently in Inventory while supplies Last.

The 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster is a powerful, race-ready duo with sleek styling, drag-racing inspired sounds, over 50 brilliant lights, and an innovative design for wheelie-popping action. Click the link for Full Details on this Hess Truck and Dragster


2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster


Hess Truck Cases for Sale      -     We are always looking to Buy Sealed Cases of Hess Trucks

The Latest Hess Trucks have been announced and will soon be in the stores. We have it so that you can pre-Order your truck so as not to miss out.

   Our Website contains Hess Trucks and Information from all 50 years. I have split them up into seperate collections arranged by each decade that they were made and distributed in. Here is the list of the trucks assorted by decade.  1. 1960s Hess Truck Collection Starting with the 1964 B-Mack Tanker Truck ( the truck that started it all) ,  2. 1970s Hess Truck Collection The very first Hess Fire Truck with rotating red light and removable Hoses and working Ladder,  3. 1980s Hess Truck Collection containing a relica of the First Truck Hess used for fuel delivery and not to mention the 1980 Hess Training Van Used  in the training of  employees,  4. 1990s Hess Truck Collection was the year they introduced Non Detergent Diesel at certain stations and handed out the 1993 Special Edition Premium Diesel Truck to Station Managers only, 5. 2000s Hess Truck Collection is the first year  Hess Made a 18 Wheel Tractor Trailer Fire Truck,  6. 2010s Hess Truck Collection is the decade that Hess reached their 50th Anniversary of Selling Toy Trucks at their Gas Stations, it also marks the rebranding on their stations in the states where they were located and switched to selling their Hess Toy Trucks Via the Internet on their own website.  7. We have a Section Devoted to the Trucks Hess Had made but Never Sold to the General Public, these trucks were given to VIP's,  Station Managers, Stock Holders,  Etc. Otherwise for many years most people didn't know of these trucks or wouldn't know of these trucks since they were never announced or sold publicly.

2014 Hess Mini Recreational SUV

    Here at ACSTrucks.com we specialize in selling New Hess Trucks, Parts, Collectibles and most importantly Detailed Hess Truck Information and Identification. We have tried to compile as much information regarding the older Hess trucks as possible, to enable you to determine what year truck or box you have. Also included in our information section are many informative pictures and descriptions showing some of the very rare Hess trucks most common collectors do not know anything about, like the 1975 USA Hess Barrel Truck or the 1970 USA made Fire Truck. Both of these trucks are actual Hess trucks that were made aside from the normal production run of trucks everyone is familiar with. There were many more rare trucks made during the 1960's and 1970's that only real serious collectors know of there existence and their value.

     We also have a very nice selection of the Gulf Die Cast Truck Series made by Ertl starting with the very first year they were made up to date. This includes they Very Rare Gold Sample version trucks that were made in Extremely Low Quantities of 500 each. No collection is complete without the Gold Sample Trucks. New - 2006 Gulf 1932 Ford Delivery Truck, the latest and Possibly the Last in the Series. These trucks were sent out to Dealers in Late December at the last minute. It is said that these are the Last year they will be produced. Gulf is Possibly going to switch to First Gear, and this could be a New Series or a Continuation of this series. It is unclear at this time.

        Our next notable series is the Coastal Truck series. The gas stations went out of business years ago, making these a very rare and valuable set of trucks to own. Each year they become harder and harder to obtain trucks in new condition. Our Selection starts with the First year they were made up to and including the very last year they were made.

        Last but not least we have the Wings of Texaco Selection of Planes starting with the very first Plane made the 1929 Lockheed Air Express. But that is not all we also have the very limited edition Texaco Blimps made by Liberty Classics. These were offered in Sets of two Blimps one red and one black with a total production of only 5000 of each made.


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