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Here is our Hess Mini Truck page, Below you will find links and pictures to each of the Hess Mini Trucks made from the first 1998 Hess Mini tanker to the latest 2006 Hess Mini 18 Wheel Race Car Transport Truck. Each of the Links takes you to a separate page about that year Hess Mini Truck. I have provide links on each page to enable you to easily purchase any of the Hess mini Trucks you wish. All of Our Hess Trucks, and Hess Mini Trucks are brand new from factory sealed cases. Click on the picture to find out details about the Hess Trucks. 



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2004 Hess Mini B-Mack Tanker 7th in the series

15.00 ea

2004 Hess Mini B-Mack Tanker

Hess 2005 Mini Helicopter - Eigth in the Series

15.00 ea

2005 Hess Mini Helicopter

Hess 2006 Mini 18 Wheel Race Car Transport Truckr - ninth in the Series

15.00 ea

2006 Hess Mini Transport




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